Commitments announced to make South Africa capital city smoke-free

Tshwane Mayor Solly Msimanga today announced increased commitments to make South Africa’s capital city smoke-free.

New policies, announced at a WCTOH session on the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, will strengthen legislation first passed in 2012.

Mayor Solly Msimnaga said: “You are now in a country that has a capital city that has been declared smoke-free.

“Our municipal buildings all have now been declared as smoke free buildings. You cannot smoke anywhere in the buildings or anywhere close to five metres of doorways, windows and building air supplies through which tobacco smoke may readily enter the building.

“We have imposed stricter fines. And we have put together a programme to assist anybody that is employed by the city and who wants to quit.

“The prohibition has been supported by the eradication of designated smoking areas within the buildings and the erection of notices that inform people that they are entering a smoke-free facility.

“The city of Tshwane is proud to announce a smoke-free city, and we urge all our fellow cities to follow our lead as we create an ideal shared indoor environment for our employees, partners and customers.”


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