Sponsored Satellite Sessions

The 17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health offers the opportunity to organise Satellite sessions, which will be announced in the official programme of the Conference.

Satellite sessions are organised and supported by individuals, non-profit groups, organisations, or commercial entities. The WCTOH offers these groups the opportunity to showcase their work, research and programmes, or draw more attention to a specific subject or area by organising a satellite.

These sessions are scheduled outside of the core programme and are announced via the online app, the website and in the official programme of the conference.

  • Satellite sessions will be held outside of the core programme hours
  • Sessions will be reviewed for compliance with the WCTOH's mission and vision
  • The session organiser is responsible for the session, including communicating with speakers and promptly informing the Secretariat of changes
  • The satellite session organiser should ensure costs of travel, accommodation and registration for the speakers and chairpersons will be covered
  • Full payment must be made within six weeks of approval. If no payment is received, the slot will be allocated to another satellite

Find out more details and apply contact secretariat@wctoh.org.