World Conference on Tobacco or Health webinar series

The 18th WCTOH is proud to launch a webinar series ahead of the Leadership Summit on Tobacco Control, which will be held virtually from 6-7 May 2021.  

The webinar series, beginning at the end of this month, will provide an accessible online platform for tobacco control leaders and experts to discuss key topics related to the theme of the Leadership Summit on Tobacco Control: Navigating Change.

In particular, the webinars will cover topics including health consequences of tobacco use; regulatory science and effectively implementing tobacco control measures; stopping tobacco industry interference in policy making; reducing the demand for tobacco and illicit trade; and protecting vulnerable populations.

The first webinar, Tobacco and Covid-19-understanding the Science and Policy implications, will be held on Tuesday 29 September 2020 at 14:00 – 15:00 CEST.

This webinar will review the literature on the relationship between smoking and COVID-19 available to date; examine the biological mechanisms and risk factors influencing susceptibility to infection; and discuss opportunities afforded by the pandemic to progress tobacco control and reduce tobacco related deaths.  The registration link will be available soon.

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